Camel Safari
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Camel Ride Safari

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Feel like a true desert adventurer as you ride on the back of one of our amazing camels, enjoying views of the beautiful Virgin Mountains and the rest of the camelids that call Camel Safari home! Our experienced camel handlers will guide your camel and ensure that this bucket-list adventure is an educational and hands-on activity that you’ll always remember. After the approximately 25-minute camel ride the adventure continues as guests accompany keepers to have up-close encounters with more of the amazing animals that call Camel Safari home!

*Maximum weight load is 250 lbs. per camel.

Camel Ride FAQs

We strongly encourage guests to bring water with them, especially during the summer months. We also have drinks in our gift shop available for purchase. We allow guests to bring food for themeselves but do not allow food brought by guests to be fed to our animals.

We require close-toed shoes for those participating in our camel rides.