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Private Full Day Rental – Week Days


Pay a 15% deposit per item


Full Day Rentals Monday-Thursday

A full day tour includes 2 meals, snacks, transportation to and from the local dispensary and liquor store, and the possibility to add on the experience of building an authentic Mongolian Ger! This tour also includes complimentary water and Gatorade. Don’t feel like walking much? Golf carts are available for rent upon advanced request.  

Full day tour includes: 

  • 2 meals/ person
  • Snacks and refreshments
  • 3 activities (choose from the list below)
  • Use of Ger 

Activities You Can Choose…

Up-Close Camel Encounter
Get an up-close experience with one of our Dromedary and Bactrian camels while we teach you
about their fascinating adaptations and origins. We can teach you about training, personality
traits and their favorite foods as well. And don’t worry, there will be plenty of photo

Exotic Animal Tour
Have you ever wondered what an African Crested Porcupines favorite food is? Or if they
actually shoot their quills? For our exotic animal tour, you get to face to face with our Two-toed
Sloth, Ambien, our 6-banded armadillos, African Crested porcupine and Brown-eared wooly

Vintage Army Truck Excursion
Take an unforgettable ride in our rugged army truck! Hop in our U.S. Army Duece and a half 5-
tonne Army truck. This ride will give you a unique vantage point to see our incredible animals
and property as well as a unique photo shoot opportunity. Our army truck offers troop seating,
so you can sit with your closest friends while we drive off road through the Mojave Desert to
greet our camels.

Camel Snuggle Session
Don’t want to do the work of grooming our majestic camels? That’s okay! Our camel
snuggle sessions provide the perfect opportunity for you to hug the hump and get some camel
love! Our camels love attention and cannot wait for you to come and love all over them. Don’t
worry, we can groom them beforehand if you don’t want to be a part of that experience.

Fiber Crafts
Bactrian camels have some of the finest fiber in the world and are highly sought after to
make clothing, ropes, rugs, and jewelry. This activity allows you to brush a Bactrian camel and
use its fiber to make a token of your event, a camel hair friendship bracelet! This activity
teaches how to collect, clean, card, and create bracelets out of this rare fiber. This activity is
ideal for kids parties, corporate events, and bachelorette parties.

Ger Building
The ultimate team-building experience. Gers are one of the most spiritual dwellings of
Mongolia, allowing its inhabitants to be one with themselves and the nature that surrounds
them. Building an authentic Ger shipped directly from Mongolia is not only unique but a once
in a lifetime opportunity! With the help of our staff, you and your group can assemble up to
two Gers (weather permitting) and even have the chance to stay overnight in the spiritual
dwelling you built, while overlooking the scenic Mojave Desert and all of our camels. Ger
building is a team-building experience unlike any other, perfect for corporate retreats, bachelor
and bachelorette parties and adult birthday parties! This activity is not included in the tour
options but can be added on the full day or overnight tour.

Farm Fit
Take the opportunity of being on our working farm and experience a true physical work out.
Our working farm has all the popular exercise experiences still in their original environment.

Guided Nocturnal Animals Tour
When the sun goes down some of our desert dwelling wake up. Take an evening tour of our
brown eared woolly O-pposum, hedgehog and six banded armadillo as well as Ambien our
sloth. These nocturnal animals come out to play at dark.

Star Gazing
Stargazing from the desert where you see every star in the sky and Sin Cities glow. Use our
telescopes and count falling stars all night long from your bed with open to sky Ger’s or fireside.

Smores Bonfire
Epic bonfires for smores. Build it yourself or allow us to build you the perfect bonfire to enjoy all
night long. No counselors here! eat as many smores as you would like! Music is available or
bring your own instruments jam out.


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